I am proud to present you today with the result of decades of research and development:

Our rotating STEELMASTER SMR Gauges!

6000 measured values per second

Up to 3 synchronously rotating measuring heads that can record 6000 measured values per second using innovative rotating laser measurement. Thanks to the revolutionary rotating laser technology you can now measure up to 10 complete profiles in only one second with the STEELMASTER SMR. - The quickest, most accurate and most reliable solution currently available, for both fast rolling mills and short product lengths.

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Unique, fully contact-free transmission

Unique, fully contact-free transmission of energy and measuring signals by means of induction and encapsulated W-Lan grants virtually maintenance and wear-free operation. ZUMBACH's new-generation rotating laser technology is a major advance on conventional 2- and 3-roll block measuring systems.

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Highly evolved software

ZUMBACH’s highly evolved software guarantees:
- Continuous error detection
- Immediate readjustment in case of shape deviations and rolling errors
- Minimal waste

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Minimal waste

You can now roll steel without concerns: a development the market has long been eagerly awaiting. Given the constant rise in quality requirements and raw material prices, reducing discards is increasingly becoming the decisive factor in business success.

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